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We are spaces of fontana

Artistic statement

We are a contemporary dance collaboration 

inspired by human moments

to create art rooted in hope.

We are dedicated to filling up every space with positive energy. Whether audience member, dancer or collaborator, it is our goal to leave every person with a sense of warmth.


As artists, we explore improvisation, contemporary partnering and somatics to bring life to our understanding of a human experience. We commit to cultivating an uplifting, collaborative and supportive rehearsal environment. We listen interiorly. We listen to the world. We listen to the Divine. We listen to each other. We see glimpses of light in every story and allow these stories to come to life through movement. Since the work we create is based on human connection, all throughout the creation process we strive to foster a space that allows the artists to be human.


From the seemingly mundane activities, like folding laundry, to real challenges, like hurricanes or infertility, Spaces of Fontana discovers faith, hope and positivity in EVERY story. We find beauty in awkwardness; strength in athleticism; connection in partner-work and passion in eye contact.


As artists it is our goal to create works worthwhile and beautiful, [that] not only enrich the cultural heritage of each nation and of all humanity, but they also render an exceptional social service in favour of the common good” as St. Pope John Paul the II wrote in his Letter to Artist.

Hear from our dancers

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