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b e c o m i n g

Act i

"A Gut Feeling"
Choreography: Mira Cook in collaboration with Ty Graynor and Kanami Nakabayashi
Dancers: Ty Graynor and Kanami Nakabayashi
Music: Devo and Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch
Costume Design: Mira Cook 

"It Always Ends"
Company- Mei/Co. Dance 
Choreography: Meggie Belisle and Dancers
Dancers: Andrea Sheridan, Sarah Matzke, Hannah Requa, Ty Graynor, and Meggie Belisle
Music: Hugsanir by Elvar Arngrisson, Primary Colours by Peter Gregson, and original works by Karen Vongonton
Costume Design: Meggie Belisle and Dancers 

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“B E C O M I N G”
Choreography & Artistic Direction: Evelyn Joy Hoelscher, in collaboration with dancers
Dancers: Evelyn Joy Hoelscher, Therese Ronco, Lilly Thurman, Fay Leonard, Laney Phillips and Matthew Sommers
Music: Original music composition created and performed by Therese Ronco and Kelsey Hughen, under the artistic direction of Evelyn Joy Hoelscher and inspired by poetry from Sara Fontana

Rehearsal Director: Therese Ronco

Costume Design: Taryn Lavery
Lighting Design: David Poynter

Video Editing: James & Evelyn Hoelscher 
Special Appearance: Elliott Hoelscher 

Stage Manager: Michael Sherrod
Front of House: Kali Reyna, Emily Anton, Lily Zapatero, Natasha Small, Sara Fontana & Brenda Petro
Lighting Technician: Taylor Conaler
Bartender: Nate Sandler & Katie Lowen
Photography: Sarah Annie Navarrete
Videography: James Hoelscher

**20% of all proceeds from the auction will be donated to Agape Pregnancy Resource Center located in downtown Round Rock. Agape Pregnancy Center provides prenatal and parenting classes for FREE to moms and dads. As you attend the free programming, you receive points to purchase all of the baby essentials you will need for the first two years of life. 

As artists it is our goal to... 

“Create works worthwhile and beautiful, [that] not only enrich the cultural heritage of each nation and of all humanity, but they also render an exceptional social service in favour of the common good”

as St. Pope John Paul the II wrote in his Letter to Artist.
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Meet the artists

Spaces of FOntana Bio

Founded in 2016 by Artistic Director, Evelyn Joy Hoelscher, Spaces of Fontana is an Austin-based contemporary dance collaboration inspired by human moments to create art rooted in hope. We are dedicated to filling up every space with positive energy in hopes to leave every person touched with a sense of warmth. As artists, we explore improvisation, contemporary partnering and somatics to bring life to our understanding of a human experience. 


Spaces of Fontana spent our first 6 years in NYC where we developed 7 works, performed over 30 times, received multiple grants and were featured in a segment with MNN TV network on a piece inspired by JPII’s Theology of the Body. We’ve had the honor to present work at various festivals and self-produced shows; including the US Open, Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theater, Dumbo Dance Festival, Arts on Site, QDF, Dixon Place and Mark Morris Dance Group Theater. 


We have collaborated with talented visuals artists, musicians and lighting designers to enhance our work. As a project-based company, we are committed to fostering a collaborative creative process giving space to each artist to discover their unique voice and connection to the piece. 

SOF Final-16.JPG

Choreographer / ArtistiC Director

Evelyn Joy Hoelscher, Founder & Artistic Director of Spaces of Fontana, is a mom, choreographer and mover. Originally founded in NYC in 2016, Spaces of Fontana relaunched in 2023 as an Austin-based contemporary dance collaboration inspired by human moments to create art rooted in hope. Spaces of Fontana has presented work at 32 prestigious festivals, including the DUMBO Dance Festival and the US Open, a Manhattan TV series on the Theology of the Body and four solo-productions. As a performer, she has danced for her share of NY-based choreographers, including Smashworks Dance Collective, Isadora Duncan, Jee Uhn Ahn, Rod Rodgers and toured with the original Off-Broadway cast of SHE, a Choreoplay as Dance Captain.

In addition to her contemporary endeavors, she is a Choreographer at the Georgetown Palace Theater with credits including Cabaret (2022), Sound of Music (2023) and upcoming CATS (2024). Her choreographic works, both contemporary and for local Austin Musicals, have garnered grants and outstanding nominations.

Evelyn's academic journey began as the first graduating Dance Kinesiology class from Texas A&M University and later as certifications in Yoga, Pilates and Prenatal fitness and training clients internationally in Switzerland. As former VP of People for a NYC wellness startup, she taught over 1500 classes, hired over 120 fitness professionals, led all things HR and developed a thriving work culture. She launched Spaces of Fitness in 2021 to prepare moms for labor and delivery through movement and meditation.

She is a Guest Artist Lecturer for Texas A&M’s dance program and serves as Co-Chair of the Performance Arts Professional Partner Program. Evelyn continues to share her passions through weekly contemporary partnering classes for the dance community and commissions for new works. She could not be more grateful for her mini-assistant choreographers, Sophie Joy & Elliott, and her partner, rock and husband, James.

"Motherhood to me is a constant evolution; a balancing act; a great choreographed clunky dance filled with lots of love, laughter and tears. It is learning, unlearning and choosing each day to wake up and try again. Motherhood is a love so profound that it hurts."

Sof Dancers / composers

Therese Ronco is a dance and music artist. She’s thrilled to be a part of Becoming and to have the jpy of working with Evelyn and all the members of Spaces of Fontana. In Austin she’s had the pleasure of performing her music at local venues. In NYC as a dancer Therese worked with Kinesis Project dance theater, ChristinaNoel & The Creature, MICCA, Kristi Cole + Guests, Effy Grey, Kathryn Alter, Jeff Shortt, and Cassandra Cotta in addition to freelancing and making her own work with Lucy Wild. Therese graduated with a BA in dance from Goucher College where she had the privilege of performing works choreographed by artists such as Andrea Millerm Doug Elkins, Pascal Rioult, Doris Humphrey, Jon Lehrer, and Gwen Welliver. She is originally from Massachusetts where she found her passion for the art form from Frances Kotelly and Richard Colton. 

"To me motherhood means strength and love, tenderness and teaching, support and compassion, listening and holding space, sharing and showing, openness and closeness, holding on and letting go."


Kelsey Hughen is a singer, songwriter and performer whose original music spans across genres. Kelsey lived in NYC for five years where she became a regular performer at Rockwood Music Hall. She has also performed in the UK and held a residency at Parker Jazz Club in Austin. She recorded and released her debut EP in NYC with a group of talented musician-friends. Kelsey is now based in Austin, her hometown, where she is also involved in the musical theatre community. Most recently, she played the role of Liesl von Trapp in the Georgetown Palace Theatre’s production of The Sound of Music.

"To me motherhood seems to be an ever-changing, transformational journey filled with care & nurturance, learning & unlearning, warrior-strength, vulnerability, and so much more. I am in awe of all who mother and am endlessly grateful for my own Mama whose love has formed me."

Lilly Thurman, an Austin-based choreographer, dancer, and educator. She holds an MFA in Dance from Sam Houston State University and a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from Texas State University. Lilly has performed works by esteemed choreographers including Joshua Manculich, Andy & Dionne Noble, Christa Oliver, and Nicole Wesley. Her choreography has been featured in the COCO Dance Festival in Trinidad and Tobago, Texas State University, Austin Dance Festival, and Barnstorm Dance Festival. As the founder and artistic director of Bones Dance Project, a project-based dance company, she fosters a collaborative and supportive environment for dancers to pursue their passion.

"Motherhood means…learning something new everyday and allowing it to change you, move you, and help you understand a deeper version of yourself. Unconditional love, care, and resilient strength." 

Laney Phillips is a dancer and movement enthusiast born and raised in Austin, TX. She received her BS in Health Sciences - Community Education and now leads yoga, running, and cycling programs for Austin Youth Fitness.. Laney grew up dancing in Austin, and when she moved back from college in 2022, dove right into the amazing dance community in ATX. Laney is a company member of Spaces of Fontana, dances with Delve Dance Collective (directed by long-time Austin dancer Cherami Steadman), and is working on a project with Austin dance legend Emily Rushing! Laney loves biking around Austin, visiting new places, and spending as much time outside as possible!

"Motherhood means… I just want to shout out my mother, and man do I have a great one. She’s vulnerable, resilient, a jack-of-all-trades, hard-working, constantly busy, inspiring, a fashionista, an Iron Woman (literally), and most of all unconditionally loving." 

Fay Leonard is a dance artist whose passions have most recently landed her in Austin, TX, where she is, as always, dancing, teaching, and exploring her heart out. At three years old, Fay began her dance journey alongside beloved (imaginary) mouseling Angelina Ballerina, and she simply hasn’t stopped.  In her hometown of Tampa, FL, Fay received her BFA in Dance Performance from the University of South Florida and had the privilege of performing with Tampa City Ballet and Brandon Ballet before her move to Austin granted her the joy of dancing with Ventana Ballet, Early Era Collective, Dance Waterloo, Valetto Dance, and now, Spaces of Fontana! 

"Motherhood means having an infinite heart. Moms are the strongest, fiercest women in the whole world, full of love that only grows and never ends."

Matthew Sommers is a dance artist currently residing in Austin, Texas, where he currently lives, dances, teaches and floats around joyfully. He’s performed in Austin with Early Era Collective and Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Company, as well as premiering his own work. Matthew began dancing in Jacksonville, Florida, going on to study at the University of South Florida, where he graduated with with a BFA in dance. Matthew has worked with a variety of choreographers including Charles O. Anderson, Alex Jones, Joshua L. Peugh, and Marc Brew. After graduation he delved into the amazing dance community of Austin in which he gets to work with many amazing artists who he looks up to and admires.

"Motherhood means someone to call when your world is crazy, someone to give you advice you don't want to hear but you need to, someone who is always on your side when you need it most, and someone who loves you more than anyone else."

SOF Final-16.JPG


Choreographer / ArtistiC Director

Meggie Belisle, is a mover, a mother, and a lover of listening. She is the founder and Artistic Director of Mei/Co. Dance and has performed, choreographed, and taught nationally and internationally. 
As a performer, Meggie has danced with Ad Deum Dance Company, Ingredients Dance Company, Arise Dance Company in The Netherlands, Roxey Ballet, Open Sky Arts Collective, The Next Stage Project, and various projects in NYC, TX, and abroad. She is currently performing with TY&CO in Austin, TX. 
Meggie’s choreography has traveled from Texas to NYC and throughout various parts of Europe. She graduated with a BFA in dance from Belhaven University. Meggie is passionate about sharing her art with others and dancing alongside her favorite dance partner, her daughter, Zuli. 


"Motherhood means losing who you are and becoming who you can be everyday. It means understanding love and insanity in an intimate way and living that reality with a connection like never before."

Mei/co Dancers

Ty Graynor, originally from Huntington, New York, received his BFA in Dance from The Hartt School at the University of Hartford. There, he studied under Nina Watt, Miki Orihara, Stephen Pier, and Doug Varone. After completing his studies, Ty advanced his training at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance and joined Graham 2 as a Company Dancer. In 2019, he joined the Limón Dance Company as a performing and teaching artist. Ty is currently based in Austin, Texas where he teaches regular classes in the Limón technique and contemporary dance forms. He is the Artistic Director of TY&CO, an emerging and dynamic collective of dancers dedicated to forging connections between classical influences and experimental contemporary realms.

Andrea Sheridan - An Idaho native, Andrea graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Dance from the University of Idaho. During her time in Northern Idaho, Andrea taught and choreographed for  both the University of Idaho, Washington State University and various studios. In her time living in Texas, Andrea has had the honor of dancing with the Armstrong-Bergeron Dance Company, (which later became the Brazos Dance Collective) Talitha Dance Company and a few projects with Mei./Co. Passionate about sharing her love of dance, Andrea is in her 14th year of teaching at Suzanne’s School of Dance where she is also the Director of Student Services. Andrea currently resides in College Station, TX with her amazing husband Ryan, awesome son Asher, Betsey dog and Matty cat!

Sarah Matzke,is a human that uses the studio as laboratory and movement as choreographic medium. Her research focuses on embodied cognition and the roles of experiential learning theory. Matzke holds a Master of Fine Arts in Choreography from Jacksonville University and a Bachelor of Arts from Southern Methodist University. She is a professor of dance at Texas Christian University, Störling Conservatory of Dance, and The University of Texas at Dallas. Matzke is the co-founder of a non-profit organization that equips leaders to use somatic movement for healing and community reconstruction. As a guest artist, Matzke works throughout the United States, South America, Southeastern Asia, and the Middle East (

Hannah Requa holds a BFA in Ballet and Modern Dance from Texas Christian University. She trained at Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and Paul Taylor Dance Company upon completion of her degree. She then went on to become a company member for Bruce Wood Dance (Dallas, TX) and a principal soloist for Corpus Christi Ballet (Corpus Christi, TX). Hannah has professional musical theatre experience, both performing and choreographing for companies including Waco Civic Theatre and Silent House Theatre Co. Most recently, she performed in the Intersections Festival in Washington DC in an evening of art immersion. She is thrilled to be a member of Mei/Co and perform for the fourth time with the company. Hannah would like to thank her husband, Spencer, and her kiddos, Charlotte and Pierce, for their immense love and support. 

SOF Final-16.JPG

Mira cook


Mira Cook, is a choreographer, composer, teacher and mother of 1. She is from Austin where she trained at the Austin Dance Academy and Ballet Austin.  Mira has spent the last 21 years dancing professionally in New York (Battery Dance, Indelible Dance, John Passafiume and Dancers) and in California (City Ballet of San Diego, Liss Fain Dance).  Mira has had the privilege of performing in 42 countries and is featured in the documentary Moving Stories.  

Her choreography has been presented by Battery Dance, City Ballet of San Diego, Indelible Dance, Kaleidoscope NYC, Dance Carousel and The Austin Dance Ensemble.  Mira teaches Ballet and Pilates at The University of Texas at Austin and for Austin Community Ballet.  Mira founded and directs NY Community Ballet, a low cost ballet class series since 2015 and has released 5 music albums.  She is currently working on a score for Battery Dance’s upcoming performance RITUAL and is in a country band called Bae Price.  Her current favorite pastime is wrestling with her daughter Senna on the lawn. 

"Motherhood means…more love, chaos and joy.  Suddenly life is urgent and painted in vivid colors."

Mira Cook's Dancers

Ty Graynor, originally from Huntington, New York, received his BFA in Dance from The Hartt School at the University of Hartford. There, he studied under Nina Watt, Miki Orihara, Stephen Pier, and Doug Varone. After completing his studies, Ty advanced his training at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance and joined Graham 2 as a Company Dancer. In 2019, he joined the Limón Dance Company as a performing and teaching artist. Ty is currently based in Austin, Texas where he teaches regular classes in the Limón technique and contemporary dance forms. He is the Artistic Director of TY&CO, an emerging and dynamic collective of dancers dedicated to forging connections between classical influences and experimental contemporary realms.

Kanami Nakabayash - originally from Tokyo, Japan, started dance at the age of three. Her passion for dance led her to train abroad at a ballet school in Canada and at UT Austin. Upon graduation, she performed in various projects in Japan for two years. She is back in Austin and dances with amazing groups of artists including Ventana Ballet, TY&CO, Red Nightfall Dance Theatre, Sea Legs Dance and Early Era Collective. 

So many
thank yous

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We are thankful to our Sponsors!

This show would be not possible without the financial support from our community. 

Primerica Financial Services
Sara & Francis Fontana
Katy Hanik
Amelia & Vinny Chiara
Jenny Amonette
Allison Phillips
Robert & Lori Fontana
Carol Rigby
Thryn Saxon

You made this happen. Thank you.

To our audience. We made this work for you. I am beyond humbled by your presence to witness our art. Thank you for being here. Thank you for supporting the arts.
Thank you for holding space for us to dance.
We love you. 
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