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Woven Chaos

Created in 2018 collaboration with the dancers, artist, Brenda Petro, and musician, Cy Meisler, Woven Chaos is inspired by the storm and aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Artistic & Choreographic Direction

Evelyn Joy Hoelscher

Original Collaborators
Cy Meisler, Musician

Brenda Petro, Artist

Jason Fowler, Dancer

Brittni Genovese, Dancer

Madi McGain, Dancer

Erke Roosen, Dancer


Bring Woven Chaos to you.


Company Performance

Bring Spaces of Fontana dancers perform at your festival, school or event. 


Set the work

Bring us to set Woven Chaos on your students. We will explore developing movement & choreography from stories. Discover collaborating with musician and artists.


Master Class

Hire Spaces of Fontana to offer a master class to your students exploring principles of partnering, somatics and floorwork through improvisation and phrasework.


Collaborating across mediums

This workshop discusses and enables artists across the mediums to create simultaneously. 

In the end...hope prevails. Out of the chaos that was Hurricane Harvey, new relationship emerged and people worked to help each other through this. 

Brenda Petro

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